Switchvox supports all the fax features your business needs

  • Receive faxes in email
  • View faxes online
  • Outlook fax viewer
  • Fax from your fax machine
  • Fax right from your computer

Every Switchvox comes with one fax license free

Support for sending or receiving one fax at a time is included with your purchase of Switchvox.

If your business requires more fax capacity, purchasing additional licenses is easy through your Switchvox's interface.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend handling faxes over an analog or PRI channel, or over a SIP provider using T.38. If this is not possible, then you should set up dedicated extensions for incoming and outgoing faxes. If you do not use analog, PRI, or T.38 over a SIP provider, incoming fax detection and fax quality could be less than optimal.