Easy To Setup And Use With PBXware GUI

PBXware installation is extremely easy with a step-by-step setup wizard guiding users through the process. Navigating through the system to manage extensions, trunks, or queues is also easy due to a simple and user friendly web interface.


Unified Messaging Support

• Voicemail
• Instant Messaging Chat
• Faxing (PSTN, FoIP, FoE)


VoIP/Analog Phones

PBXware supports VoIP and traditional PSTN telephony technologies.


Standard System Features

• Tenant(s)/Resellers(s)
• Multiple Languages
• Simple or e164 Routing mode
• Conferences Permissions
• Remote Mobile/Cell Extension
• Astmanproxy/Asterisk manager
• CDR Search
• PSTN/VoIP Trunks
• IVR Auto Attendants
• Networking and Branch Support
• Conferencing
• Enhanced ACD Queues
• Music On Hold
• FAX over IP (FoIP)
• Instant Messaging Server
• Least Cost Routing
• Ring Groups
• Call Recording
• Call Monitor



Auto Attendant/IVR

Interactive Voice Response allows managing of incoming calls. PBXware answers calls, interacts with callers, and forwards the calls based on their choice. 


Call Routing Support - LCR

Define a preferred VoIP or PSTN provider
for specific destinations.



Conferencing allows two or more participants to communicate with each other. Administrators can define user permissions and conference options as well as allow one or more participants to moderate ongoing conference calls.


Fax Over IP - FoIP

Fax Over IP and traditional PSTN faxing allow communication between fax machines connected to a network (Internet) or/and to a traditional phone line.


Comprehensive User Features

• Group Hunt
• Call Forwarding
• Call Park
• Instant Recording
• Call Pickup
• Call Filters & Blocking
• Speakerphone Page
• Directory / BLF List
• Listen to Recordings
• Call Monitoring
• Phone Callback (optional)
• Monitoring Conferences
• Overhead Paging
• Paging/Intercom
• Remote Access
• Personal IVR



System Administration

• Web Browser Administration
• Role Based Administration


Call Center Communicator

VoIP Soft Phone
• Instant Messaging Client
• Operator Panel
• Conference Administration
• Call Center Communicator
• Fax Send/Receive
• MS Windows Desktop Application


ACD Queues

• Unlimited Agents and Queues
• Ringing Strategy
• Call Recording
• Predictive Dialer
• Queue Call Back


Call Center Statistics

AQMON Supervisor or

 Wallboard Edition

• Queues/Agents statistics and real time status
• Inbound/Outbound Graphs
• CSV and PDF Data Export
• Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktop Applications


Real Time Telephony Billing

• CDRs
• Real Time Telephony Billing


Custom Development

Per customer request, we develop custom
PBXware features for their specific business needs.


CRM/CTI Integration

PBXware is ready for SugarCRM, SalesForce, or any other proprietary CRM integration using our custom development service.


Standard Features Business Call Center  
Extension(s) 1000+ 1000+  
Tenant(s)/Resellers(s) One One  
PSTN/VoIP Trunks Unlimited Unlimited  
IVR Auto Attendants Unlimited Unlimited  
Conferencing Unlimited Unlimited  
Call Recording Unlimited Unlimited  
Call Monitor Unlimited Unlimited  
Multiple Languages Yes Yes  
Simple or E164 Routing mode Yes Yes  
Conferences Permissions Yes Yes  
Remote Mobile/Cell Extension Yes Yes  
CDR Search Yes Yes  
Music On Hold Yes Yes  
FAX over IP (FoIP) Yes Yes  
Instant Messaging Server Yes Yes  
Networking and Branch Support Yes Yes  
Least Cost Routing Yes Yes  
Ring Groups Yes Yes  
Directory Yes Yes  

Call Center Applications Business Call Center  
AQMON n/a Optional  
AgentCOM n/a Optional  
Queues Callback n/a Optional  
Call Center Agents n/a Unlimited  
Skills Based Routing n/a Unlimited  
Queue and Agent Statistics n/a Unlimited  
Real Time Queue - Agents Monitoring n/a Unlimited  

Billing Business Call Center  
CDRs Yes Yes  
Real Time Telephony Billing Optional Optional  

System Administration Business Call Center  
Web Browser Administration Yes Yes  
Role Based Administration Yes Yes  

Setup and Configuration Business Call Center  
Unimited Expandability Yes Yes  
System Setup Wizard Yes Yes  
Phones Auto Configuration/Provisioning Yes Yes  
Trunks Auto Configuration Yes Yes  
Service Providers Templates Yes Yes  

Enhanced Services Business Call Center  
Follow Me Yes Yes  
Group Hunt Yes Yes  
Call Forwarding Yes Yes  
Do Not Disturb Yes Yes  
Caller ID Yes Yes  
Last Caller Yes Yes  
Call Park Yes Yes  
Instant Recording Yes Yes  
Call Pickup Yes Yes  
Call Filters & Blocking Yes Yes  
Speakerphone Paging Yes Yes  
Directory / BLF List Yes Yes  
Speed Dial Yes Yes  
Monitor Queues n/a Yes  
Web Callback Optional Optional  
Delete Recordings Yes Yes  
Listen to Recordings Yes Yes  
Call Monitoring Yes Yes  
Phone Callback Optional Optional  
Monitoring Conferences Yes Yes  
Overhead Paging Yes Yes  
Paging/Intercom Yes Yes  
Remote Access Yes Yes  
Personal IVR Yes Yes  
Online User Directory Yes Yes  
System Operation Times Yes Yes  
Pause/Unpause Call Recording Yes Yes  

Customisation & Reliability Business Call Center  
Services Monitoring Yes Yes  
System Backup Yes Yes  
Powerful Reporting Yes Yes  
Custom Extensions Yes Yes  

Voicemail Business Call Center  
Enhanced Voicemail Unlimited Unlimited  
Operator/Exit Digit Yes Yes  
Unified Messaging Yes Yes  
TimeZones Support Yes Yes  
Voicemail Groups Yes Yes  

Desktop/Web End User Applications Business Call Center  
gloCOM Optional Optional  
Sound Converter Yes Yes  
outCALL Optional Optional  
User Self Care Yes Yes  

CRM/CTI integration on request Business Call Center  
SugarCRM Yes Yes  
Salesforce Yes Yes  

Product/Customer Support Business Call Center  
Firmware Updates Yes Yes  
Customer Support Standard, Enhanced or Emergency Standard, Enhanced or Emergency  
Comprehensive Documentation Yes Yes